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Yoga is the best interpreter for translating from mind to heart.

And the dictionary knowing all the words is our body.




Tuesday // Hatha Yoga // 6:15 p.m. – 7:30 p.m. // Praxis Richard Neumeier – Schösserweg 12a – 82549 Königsdorf // registration via or +49 160 932 820 08  


Currently no specials.



A workshop gives you the chance to dive deeper into a topic. Be it a certain style of Yoga, thoroughly practicing an element of your yoga lesson (remember: Pranayama, Asana, Meditation, and Shavasana), the conscious awareness of the change of seasons, or anything else.


A workshop can be the start signal for a new point of view on renowned matters or that kind of inspiration that will enrich your life from now on.


More information on recent dates is soon to come.



Because you are unique.


Every person has his or her very own physique, everyone’s life’s stories differ from one another and this is reflected in your bodies. During private coaching I can be responsive to your very personal needs and wishes so I can design your distinct yoga sequence. You can even choose the time and place of the appointment - your home, Yoga Moments Geretsried or Gymnastikstudio G’sund in Bad Tölz.


Let us practice together, I am looking forward to meeting you!  


Just drop me an email at or call me at +49 160 932 820 08. 



Yoga offers physical and mental balance to monotonous workloads for employees and executives. Not only does it specifically counteract back pain, it is also proved to reduce stress and enhance concentration and creativity.

Business yoga is to take place in your facilities. For more information, feel free to contact me at or at +49 160 93282008.



Sports have always been an important part of my life. After years of strength emphasised activities such as mountain-biking, rock-climbing, running and winter sports however, my body slowly but strongly began to raise objection. At some point I was no longer able to perform any of my favourite sports. What was left? Yoga. Yoga? Me? And still, the teachings of the ancient tradition of the symbiosis of body and mind charmed me. At first I only hesitantly heeded this call, but came time, did I not only reach physical balance but also also experienced inner peace that I had not known before. And the best part: By now I go biking, rock-climbing, and running again. And all that with a very new physical feeling.


Yoga makes happy. Find out what it does to you! I would love to explore this path with you.





2016  Yoga Alliance® RYT 200 Yoga Teacher of Happiness with yogaleela 

2018  Yin Yoga Teacher Training Modul Anatomie 80 h with Helga Baumgartner 

2018  Yin Yoga Teacher Training Modul Vedanta-Philosophy 40 h with Swamini Pramananda

2018  Prä- und Postnatal Teacher Training 38 h with Heike Gross

I regularly deepen my practice and understanding of yoga through various immersions and workshops.



+49 160 932 820 08

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A comprehensive yoga lesson harmonically links elements of Pranayama (guided breathing), Asanas (posture), Meditation, and Shavasana (relaxation). During my lessons we explore these areas together, focusing on Asanas, sometimes athletically, sometimes smoothly, sometimes statically, sometimes dynamically - but always with a lot of awareness. 


This will change the way you look at

yourself, your body, and the world.

Join me on this wonderful journey!

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