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I work fast, dependably and precisely - and with a big share of passion. My multi-annual work experience as a project manager for the sports and culture agency Millhaus, as a PR worker- text writer and translator for the bike company Specialized, my diverse sporting background in theory and practice as a qualified sports scientist as well as my curiosity of people and topics create the perfect basis in order to strike the right note when addressing the demanding target group of athletes. Various journeys to and stays in English- and Spanish speaking countries give my way of expression the liveliness required for this work.




Regarding content I focus on cycling and alpine sports as well as on Yoga and health. I predominantly write texts and translations (English-German/ German-English/ Spanish-German) in the following contexts:

-       Catalogues, product descriptions and websites

-       Press releases and newsletters

-       Flyers, leaflets and posters

-       Advertising copies, headlines and claims


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Words paint pictures in the mind.


Words must be felt. And exactly that is my strong suit: I am convinced that a message only then truly reaches its addressee when the feelings associated with the brand are conveyed in an authentic manner. That goes for translating as well as for writing. A comprehensive understanding of sports in general is an important tool for this field of work. Only a person who can indulge in the excitement after a descent in deep powder snow, who knows the meditation-like feeling of road biking or the addictive adrenaline rush of racing through trails interspersed with roots can put these feelings into words. Of course, technical know-how and mastery of technical terminology are an important part of this job as well. 


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